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Illinois Patient Transport

Illinois Patient Transport, transports involuntary patients regardless of a client's ability to pay. Involuntary transports are funded when utilizing Illinois Patient Transport, through a contract with the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Transportation for voluntary and juvenile patients (12 and older) may be arranged on a case by case basis with a guarantee of payment or, for a better rate, your facility may wish to contract directly with Illinois Patient Transport.


Dedicated to Mental Health Transportation

Illinois Patient Transport is dedicated solely to Mental Health Transportation. In 2009, the service line was thoughtfully designed by Advanced Medical Transport, a Psychiatric Advisor, and the Illinois Division of Mental Health.

Certified Technicians

Technicians are Certified in Mental Health First Aid to provide a compassionate, safe transport during a time of crisis.

Response Time

Technicians are based throughout Illinois to minimize response time.

Patient Privacy and Safety

Safety Cars are managed by a Fleet Program which tracks location and speed at all times. Video cameras are located in the passenger and driver compartments, as well as a view of the front of the vehicle. A rear passenger safety shield separates the technician and the client. Doors and windows are locked with rear windows tinted for patient privacy.

Physician Developed Risk Assessment

We use a physician developed risk assessment to determine the most appropriate means of transportation. The vast majority of Mental Health patients transport by safety car.

Dependable Service

Illinois Patient Transport proudly serves the citizens of Illinois with a less than 1% rate of incident over tens of thousands of transports. Depend on us to provide a safe transport to fulfill your client's treatment needs.

How to

Request A Transport

Fill out our online patient transport request form

You will need the following documents:

• Petition & Certificate (or Court Order)

• Hospital Face Sheet

Once complete, contact our Call Center at 309-999-4040, open 24/7 to gather further information regarding the transport.

Original Paper based form

If you prefer to use our original paper based form, you may upload it here along with the Petition & Certificate and Hospital Face Sheet.

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